A Beginner’s Guide to Traveling Japan


Subways: Tokyo and all cities have local subways / trains run by private and government agencies. Unlike my home of New York City, their fares run based on distance, […]

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Experience a Different Side of Oregon at Smith Rock State Park

Terrebonne, OR– Smith Rock State Park was one of the highlights of my trip to Oregon. The views here were very different from the rest of the state. Contrary […]

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Eat ALL the Fried Chicken, Buffalo Mac and Cheese, and Fried Oreos in One Meal

Manhattan, NY– Jacob’s Pickles is the sort of place with a well thought out menu where anything you order will probably be awesome. That’s actually one of the only […]

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Cheap Eats: Nutella Pancakes and Fried Chicken Sandwiches

White Cake Bakery; Sunnyside, NY– This place can fool you. What looks like a small coffee shop with some trendy pastries really is much more. I would never think […]

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Mt. Hood National Forest, Trillium Lake, and Huckleberry Everything

Mt. Hood National Forest; Oregon– While traveling Oregon, Mt. Hood was a must-see on my list. Only an hour and a half outside of Portland, Mt. Hood makes for […]

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Sneak Peek of Peru

New York, NY– …the band, not the country. The guys in Peru The Band are old friends of mine and they just released a new song about the USA, the […]

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Cheap Eats: Lobster Rolls and Ice Cream

Boston, MA– Being from New York I’ve always witnessed the rivalry between New York and Boston, mostly when it comes to sports and I’ve just never been able to […]

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Experience Iceland: Highlights From the Ring Road

Iceland– Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Iceland for the first time in my life. It is very difficult to express the beauty and wonder of […]

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You Would Be Nuts To Skip Over Chachauate, Honduras!

Chachauate, Honduras– Someone once told me that “chachauate” meant “nut” and, if so, I could totally see that because no trip to Honduras is complete without a visit to […]

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Crater Lake National Park: It’s Bigger Than It Looks… (that’s what she said)

Crater Lake National Park; Oregon– Crater Lake looks big in pictures but then you see it… and it’s unbelievable. Words cannot describe how small you feel when you witness […]

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