Tom’s Restaurant; New York City— Today I stumbled across an old diner on 116th Street with a friend and colleague of mine, Jeff. This place may look familiar… that’s because it was the famous meet-up spot for the crew of Seinfeld. Jeff being a big fan of the show was all about trying this place.

From what I know, the outside of the Manhattan based diner was used as the external shot for Seinfeld. The shots filmed inside the diner itself were likely done in California. So don’t expect the inside to really feel like the show (unfortunately). I really wanted to get a cup of coffee and feel like we were part of the show but it just didn’t give off that feel. Instead there are newspaper cut outs and photos of the Seinfeld cast decorating the wood paneled walls. Still cool just not what most would expect.

I got a pastrami sandwich on whole wheat with spicy brown mustard (felt adventurous and added bacon). Jeff got a deluxe hamburger with bacon and sautéed onions. The food was really good (not amazing) and the prices were fair (some may even say cheap by NYC dine-in restaurant standards). $7 for my sandwich, came to $8.50 with bacon. It also comes with a pickle. Never order a sandwich in New York without a free pickle. If they don’t give you a free pickle, they’re up to something…


Overall, this is a cool spot. Good food, reasonable prices. The inside doesn’t look exactly like the Seinfeld set but it’s a nice piece of TV history nonetheless. This place is cash only, there is an ATM inside but come prepared to avoid the fee.

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