California— The first concert experience that I have ever had was when I was very young and my parents took me to Jones Beach Theatre to see The Beach Boys. I was so young that I didn’t even know what was happening the entire show let alone see over people’s heads. But I do remember locking into the melody and holding that with me as I went home.  Throughout life of course, The Beach Boys came up numerous times on the radio, in advertisements, in the news, and luckily for me on Full House. As I grew older I realized what their appeal was for me personally. I was drawn to the idea of this place unlike my home. I was lured into this fantasy of beaches and beautiful landscapes… not to mention beautiful women. It was then that I knew that I needed to visit California.

June 2013, our plane lands in San Francisco (SFO) and the first thing Chris and I decided to do was grab our rental car and visit In & Out. After reminiscing on how wonderful our meal was (the fresh veggies make a world of difference as they’re brought in daily from suppliers within a 100 mile radius), we embarked on a two week journey down the scenic route of Highway One aka The Pacific Coast Highway.

In N Out | Double Cheeseburger "Animal Style"

Our travel consisted of many west coast landmarks for tourism such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods, the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, etc. But the most important part of our trip (for me anyway) were the places that we found through Yelp or the Food Network or that attracted us due to our geeky interests in tech history. We could not find the original Facebook house by the way but we did manage to fit in a visit to the Google and Apple campuses. Apple doesn’t really let you see much but it’s still pretty cool to take a walk around and see where the magic happens. While at the “Googleplex” we rode around on their “G-bikes”. We are still not sure if we were allowed to do that or not. No regrets, it was amazing.

I am pretty sure that we ate more food on this trip than I eat in a regular month or so. Again, no regrets. Here’s some food porn:

Daikokuya Ramen in LA

Crispy Pastrami @ Norton’s in Santa Barbara CA
Crispy Pastrami @ Norton's in Santa Barbara CA

From highly populated cities like San Francisco, to surf enthusiastic beach havens like Huntington Beach, and the quaint, beautiful calm of Half Moon Bay, I think we got a good idea on why people are drawn to the west coast. To experience the romance and beauty of what The Beach Boys portrayed in their music was inspiring and a personal dream come true.

All photos by Chris Blatchly