Austin, TX– Franklin Barbecue started off with humble beginnings as a husband and wife duo serving up their famous brisket from a small trailer until it runs out each day. Since then not much has changed… besides now having a building, some more employees, and a huge name across the country, the barbecue still holds true to its roots.


I’ll start off by saying it was definitely worth the wait. At least for a first timer, if I were a local I’d probably visit other places more often to save time but if you’re passing through and can dedicate a morning to it, waiting on the line was actually sort of fun. You get to know people and where they came from. We met a retired couple from Arizona and two guys from New Jersey visiting Austin for a work conference. With our team formed the hour and a half to two hour wait time flew by. Franklin employees walk up and down the line to update you on wait times and there is a small coffee cart while you wait. During our visit they even opened up a half hour early because it was unusually cold outside.


Let’s get to it then; the barbecue. We went for the… some of everything approach.


This was top of the line stuff. You can tell their main focus is on brisket and for good reason, it’s Texas. You can literally taste the time and thought that went into the brisket here. It’s on a whole other level. People literally take full cooked briskets home with them… like the whole slab. If someone loading a full brisket into their trunk after your meal isn’t proof it’s quality food, I don’t know what is. I also imagined people sliding fully cooked briskets through airport security but then we were next in line and I stopped day-dreaming about barbecue and started living it.

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In addition to the brisket, the sausage and pork ribs are also awesome so I’d recommend at least giving them a try. Especially if you have people to share. The pulled pork was some of the best I’ve had in awhile but it definitely gets overshadowed by the brisket. So get some of that too and if you’re like me add some slaw and pickles to each fork-full with some BBQ sauce. I like to call that “the perfect bite”. It’s a carefully curated bite of barbecue bliss every single time.


One thing I’d pass on next time would probably be the smoked turkey, it was good but not mind blowing. I imagine for most people this is not what they trekked all the way to Franklin Barbecue for anyway but it’s definitely a nice “lighter” item on the menu.

The some of everything approach was rough but we did it. Without Robbie I wouldn’t have made it through… he barely did.


Dude, you gonna eat that bread?

Franklin Barbecue is world famous for a reason. There isn’t much else to say. This place knows how to cook up some amazing barbecue and they do it with care and genuine dedication to their craft. I’ve always considered barbecue an art form and this place cooks it like one.