Austin, TX– A food truck chain serving up unique and fantastic taco creations? I’m there. But first a quick back story. Once upon a time a man named Michael Rypka quit his fancy executive chef job to chase his dreams. He found them in Austin with a newly acquired food trailer and a red Vespa scooter. Once I told people I was going to be in Austin, Torchy’s Tacos just kept coming up. So much that I almost felt like I’d be scolded if I didn’t go (and I would have). Half of the reason I tried this place was because I didn’t want to hear it when I got back for not trying one of the coolest taco trucks known to man. There are SO many taco trucks in this world so I can’t make that claim (it’s actually really overwhelming and potentially stressful how many there are) but people love this place. Torchy’s definitely has a cult following and it’s well deserved.

We got here around 11:30 am so I decided to go for a mix of an Austin themed breakfast taco (these people take their breakfast tacos seriously) and one of the other regular tacos although I can assure you not one taco on this entire menu can be called “regular”. Honestly, it’s overwhelming how good they all sound. Just look at this menu. If it wasn’t raining out I probably would’ve been staring at the menu long enough for the staff to uncomfortably ask me to order or leave.


I ending up going with The Wrangler filled with scrambled eggs and potatoes topped with smoked beef brisket and jack cheese served with tomatillo sauce. And then I found the “secret” menu as if the regular menu wasn’t stimulating enough. So I went with The Trailer Park Hillbilly Style which has chorizo and chopped bacon atop the usual fried chicken tender with green chilies, queso and ranch. Both tacos pictured above. I made great choices, no regrets.

Due to rain and cold weather, they brought the food to our car but I’d imagine this place is super fun in warmer weather. Overall, I’d say Torchy’s Tacos is a food experience you should not miss when passing through Austin. And if you want to go nuts, tell them you’re visiting and ask for the secret menu!