Crater Lake National Park; Oregon— Crater Lake looks big in pictures but then you see it… and it’s unbelievable. Words cannot describe how small you feel when you witness the remnant of a destroyed volcano that is Crater Lake. Get ready for your ears to pop on the drive in as the lake surface is bench-marked at 6,178 feet. Even though our eyes cannot see the 1,943 foot depth at Crater Lake’s deepest point, the rich dark blue hue of its water gives a feeling of depth we can relate to. Wizard Island at the west end of the lake is a volcanic cinder cone turned forested island along the rim of the crater.

Definitely bring a jacket on this trek because the temperature can drop significantly with the elevation gain. I noticed a 20 degree shift in temperature during my trip to Crater Lake.


After visiting Crater Lake, Bend, Oregon is a great place to spend time, grab food, or crash for the night.