New York, NY– …the band, not the country. The guys in Peru The Band are old friends of mine and they just released a new song about the USA, the country they call home (nope, they’re not from Peru either). Singer of the group, Michael Desmond explains the song entitled ‘My Lady’ is “about the life of our country personified as a woman”.

I had the opportunity to get behind the camera for the photographs that coincide with the song. Instead of focusing solely on America, the direction for the photos was centered around unity and appreciating the world we live in on a global scale. Using the world flag, the band shows their gratitude for other cultures and the importance of the bond between countries as the world we live in becomes more tightly knit.

You can listen to ‘My Lady’ for free in the player above and find more info at And if you’re from the New York area, you can catch their CD release show at 7:30 pm on September 4, 2015 at Revolution in Amityville, NY.