Mt. Hood National Forest; Oregon— While traveling Oregon, Mt. Hood was a must-see on my list. Only an hour and a half outside of Portland, Mt. Hood makes for a great stop, even if just for a day trip. The drive in alone shows how vast Mt. Hood National Forest really is. Finding a great spot to photograph the mountain was important to me so with this in mind I managed to find Trillium Lake, a secluded and quiet spot at 3,601 feet with an incredible view of Mt. Hood. Fairly easy to find, the road to the lake is right off of route 26 and in about 3-4 miles you’re at the edge of the lake. There’s camping, charcoal grills, fishing, paddle boarding, and other lake activities available there as well.

View of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

This is definitely a cool spot even if just for the killer view. Another cool spot was Umbrella Falls, a short hike to a bridge and waterfall in the meadows area. This was short and sweet since the waterfall is not far off the start of the trail-head. You can choose to hike further or just stop and check out the falls.

If you want to see Mt. Hood up close and personal Timberline Lodge is just a few miles off the main road and feels like you’re right under the mountain (without actually getting right under the mountain and skiing down it).


Another cool stop is the town of Government Camp where you can spend the night or get an awesome huckleberry milkshake at the Huckleberry Inn Restaurant! They have huckleberry everything, including pancakes. Seriously though, there are huckleberry infused foods everywhere in this place.

Huckleberry Pancakes by Annie Parker

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