White Cake Bakery; Sunnyside, NY– This place can fool you. What looks like a small coffee shop with some trendy pastries really is much more. I would never think to walk into White Cake Bakery and ask for a Bacon Cheddar Burger or a Fried Chicken Sandwich with sriracha mayo but if you did… you’d be in luck. I like how it’s setup as a coffee shop and bakery but serves up really awesome food at fair prices. It gives it a nice surprise factor and makes it feel like you just uncovered this amazing secret no one else knows… ::creepily slide over to the person next to you:: “did you know they have burgers here?” ::slide back with a look of confidence and maybe a wink:: like something out of a Seinfeld episode. White Cake Bakery is the kind of place where I could pick anything off the menu and be satisfied. It’s a really solid menu (which also makes it a bit tough to decide).

On my first visit I tried the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes ($8). The pancakes were fluffy and had fresh strawberries and whip cream on top. How bad could that ever be? You can’t really taste the ricotta but somehow you just know it’s there, it makes that subtle difference. I could’ve done without the lemon topping, they have a thing for lemon here and the bakery is probably the inspiration for that, but overall I enjoyed it.


I also tried the Fried Chicken Sandwich ($10) which was awesome. This year has been a competitive time for fried chicken sandwiches in New York. I think fried chicken is finally making the transition up north… at first not very successfully but now that certain places are doing it right (I’m talking Fuku and Delaney Chicken) the bar is rising and so is the quality. While it doesn’t compete with the $8 sandwiches at Fuku and Delaney Chicken in authenticity and size, the whole sandwich was just put together really well. Fried chicken, pickled slaw, and sriracha mayo on a brioche bun with house made fries for $10 definitely makes up for having to travel into Manhattan to get some of the competition.


On my second visit I tried the Nutella Pancakes ($8) which were a special menu item. These were my favorite of the two pancakes I’ve tried here. The pancakes are still their standard ricotta mix I believe and they’re super soft and pillow-y. The nutella is layered between the pancakes and then topped with fresh fruit and whip cream.


I also tried the Bacon Cheddar Burger ($11.95) this time around and it was a mess in the best way. A perfectly cooked medium and juicy as possible. Any juicier would be ridiculous. Topped with cheddar and bacon (obviously), caramelized onions, greens, and Russian dressing on a brioche bun it was fuggin’ awesome. Side of fries or sweet potato fries at no extra charge (this never happens for less than $1-2 extra so go nuts and upgrade).


Again, this place is a real value with a creative and varied menu. With everything around $10 give or take a couple bucks and lots to choose from I would definitely consider this place while exploring Sunnyside, Queens.

Check out White Cake Bakery on Yelp or give them a visit at: 4811 43rd Ave, Sunnyside, NY 11104

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