Manhattan, NY– Jacob’s Pickles is the sort of place with a well thought out menu where anything you order will probably be awesome. That’s actually one of the only issues, you most likely won’t know what to get until you make a game-time decision. This is a place to SHARE so bring friends. Everything is rich, high in calories, and delicious so there will be no calorie counting permitted here. No yoga and juicing can save you from the deliciousness. I guess it can’t hurt either… yoga and fried chicken? Sign me up.

Admittedly, this place is trendy so of course it’s not a dirt cheap diner breakfast but it’s also not super expensive for what it is. The food is super heavy so sharing will go a long way in regards to how you feel after, both in your stomach and wallet. We grabbed the special Buffalo (Fried) Chicken Mac & Cheese ($12). It’s basically what it sounds like, big chunks of their fried chicken baked into buffalo mac & cheese in a mini-skillet. Whenever something is served in it’s own cute little mini skillet I’m skeptical. They’re either covering up the fact it’s really not that tasty with a cute little doo-dad for you to look at and take pictures of OR they actually cooked your order in it. We were in luck… the mini-skillet in this case was not a trap! People were going nuts over it and the server said it might make the main menu, so we gave it a shot, it did not disappoint. It was like your spicy southern grandma got together with your regular old grandma who makes a solid mac and cheese on its own, and just made it extra special. There she goes again, spicy grandma making everything extra special and spicy… thanks grandma.


The Croque Madame ($16) was fried chicken, ham, Gruyere cheese, and a sunny-side up egg on a bacon and cheese biscuit served with home fries. Personally, I’d swap the ham on this one for some white country gravy. The ham was the only thing throwing it off for me but nonetheless still delicious. The thing here that surprised me was that the biscuit itself was made with cheese and bacon cooked into its exterior. I was under the assumption it’d be inside, which don’t get me wrong there is Gruyere cheese inside too, but the biscuit itself has bacon and more cheese encrusted into its surface (stop counting the calories, it’s pointless, we’re in too far). So basically, enjoy your cheesy bacon biscuit bread fried chicken, egg, ham, and cheese sandwich. A sandwich that cannot be eaten with your hands… unless you want to embarrass your table and burn your hands. Remember the cute mini-skillet? It’s hot. Fork and knife this one.


When you’re all done, grab the Fried Oreos with house-made dipping cream ($6). You get 5 of them which is one of the better values I thought considering the batter makes the Oreos double in size. If you’re not into Oreos or fried things (said no one ever) all the other desserts looked ridiculously delicious too.


Overall this place usually has a wait, it’s trendy, and pretty crowded but for the type of food and in the area it’s located I was pleasantly surprised which how much I enjoyed it. Down south this food would be cheaper, served with no frills, and quite possibly be twice as delicious (believe it or not). But when I’m here in New York this kind of comfort food still hits the spot when you need it!

Check out Jacob’s Pickles on Yelp or give them a visit at: 509 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

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