Manhattan; New York, NY— We have just installed some new features to Wander Sauce. These features are helpful tools by KYA, a new and exciting audience insights platform. These tools are useful for us as well as all of our current and future readers. KYA discovers what readers (you) are most engaged with, builds a profile based on what you like, and then recommends content for both of us: you, the reader and for us, the publisher. This will help us create more content that you like!

Shout button on WS

We would like to take this time to introduce you to KYA and share how it works. You may have seen this button shout-button on articles you have been reading. This is called the Shout Button and acts as your very own “Like” button within the realm of Wander Sauce as well as other sites using KYA. You can Shout content you like anywhere on the site. In addition to the Shout Button, if you engage on our site using the comments section, KYA will also be able to use that information to further enhance and personalize your onsite experience.

There are two main ways KYA benefits you: the first is completely personalized content recommendations for you on our site (look for the “Just for you…” text as well as Recommendations by KYA), making it even easier to find content that interests you. The second is because when you use the Shout Button and leave comments, KYA will be able to give us the insights we need to create more content that appeals to, you, our audience.

So really, it’s a win-win. Start Shouting now!

Disclosure: I work for KYA. KYA just soft launched and is offering publishers a chance to get early access to the product (free of charge) for a limited time before the official launch.